Fred Jameson

Fred Jameson, 1st Grimsbury’s first Group Scout Master, passed away on 9th January 2016. Fred, who was from Newcastle upon Tyne, came to Banbury in 1945 as a schoolteacher, after demobilisation from the army. He taught at Dashwood Road School, St Leonard’s and St Mary’s schools in Banbury. He was instrumental in starting 1st Grimsbury Scouts in 1952.

He moved, with his family , back to Newcastle in 1956.

Fred was a scoutmaster from 1935, when he was granted a warrant as an assistant scoutmaster, until he retired from scouting at the age of 65. He had then held a warrant almost continuous for 50 years. In recognition of this, the Chief Scout awarded him the Silver Wolf “for services to Scouting” in 1985.

He died peacefully in his sleep aged 95 years.

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